Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What Were Castles Purposes?

    What were castles purposes? Well, castles in the medieval ages served many purposes. One purpose was to protect the person who owned the castle, usually called a lord. The castles were introduced in the 9th century and were common until around the 18th century. The lord, lady and people who worked for him all lived in the castle. The castle housed hundreds of people. They were like small towns/ villages. They …were …HUGE!
   The castles also house many things the lord and his people needed. Castles were centers of defense for the lord’s army. The lord could afford such a structure for paying money little money and fighting for the emperor in his army. The emperor also could tax the lord for him to afford such a huge building. Peasants farmed and worked for the lord to have a place to live in the castle. The peasants gave half of their “rewards” to the lord.

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  1. Interesting detail collin! Great job researching. I also did my research on castles so i knew a lot of this but some i hadn't found out!