Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How Were the Castle-Goers Entertained?

  Castles, as you might have already guessed, have a large amount of entertainment. Their entertainment in the castles a while ago, is similar to how we entertain ourselves modern day. The owners hired people to sing and play music for him, they could also play music themselves. The lords composed poetry to calm them selves and relax. The children played with dolls and toys similar to modern day children too. Though they didn't have electricity, they still had fun. (It's hard to imagine today's times without electricity!)

   The rich weren't the only ones that had entertainment though. Peasants entertained them selves with toys for the young and dancing and singing with the older also. The lord usually had respect and cared for the peasants who worked for him, so he let them join in on activities to. Women wore long dresses when dancing or going out. Men wore suits and dressed nicely in slacks. They always tried their best to look fancy on special occasions, as do we modern day.

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