Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Was There Any Protection for the Lord and His Castle?

A castle protected on a high hill.

   The castle was a valuable thing to the king. Today, castles would have cost billions of dollars. So, people would want to steal valuables from the castle, or just try to take it over all together. The lords had loyal servants to guard and serve for him and his valuables. He had guards and knights. Guards guard areas that attackers could possibly breach the castle. They guard the draw bridge and weak points in the castle. Knights serve the lord and emperor.  They fight invaders who threaten the lord or castle when called on by the lord. Knights were very brave and loyal, so they were well respected.

   Castles also just had protection by what it was built on. They were usually built on mountains, steep hills, or in the middle of a lake. This made it hard to get too. Attackers would have a hard time attacking the castle when it is up a mountain that is a 300 feet drop if you fail! You've probably heard the myth that in ancient times, castles had moats filled with alligators right? That wasn't a myth! They filled moats around the castle filled with dangerous things to scare invaders to beware!

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  1. Again, great with voice! Also, I didn't know that there were actual aligators in the moats. Great fact!